In this case study, we will explore how our client, Current Affairs, successfully overcame challenges to deliver energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing light fittings for the building owners, Savills. The main contractor involved in the project was Denton. The building presented a unique challenge due to its tapered design, requiring different lengths for each fitting. Through a meticulous site visit and detailed drawings, our team found a winning solution that resulted in significant energy and CO2 savings.

Client and End Customer Details:


The primary challenge encountered by Revitalite was the building’s tapered design. As a result, each light fitting needed to be a different length to fit accurately within the existing chilled beam housing. The irregular dimensions posed a significant obstacle in designing, remanufacturing, and installing the retrofitted fixtures, potentially impacting the overall energy efficiency and aesthetics of the building.

Overcoming the Challenges

To address the unique challenge of fitting light fixtures in a tapered building, Revitalite executed a two-step approach:

Detailed Site Visit:

The team conducted a comprehensive site visit to examine the existing chilled beam housing and understand its intricacies. By physically inspecting the spaces and taking precise measurements, they gained valuable insights into the available spaces and the best ways to integrate the new fittings seamlessly.

Detailed Drawings and Customisation:

After the site visit, Revitalite used the acquired measurements to create detailed drawings. These drawings accounted for the tapering dimensions, ensuring that each light fitting would be tailor-made to fit perfectly into the chilled beam housing. The team collaborated closely with manufacturers to customise the fittings accordingly.

The Results

Revitalite’s dedication and meticulous approach paid off, leading to outstanding results:

Brand New-Looking Light Fittings: The customised light fittings seamlessly blended with the existing chilled beam housing, giving the building a fresh and modern appearance.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The incorporation of energy-efficient LED technology in the new light fittings resulted in reduced energy consumption. This, in turn, led to significant energy savings for the building owners.

5-Year Warranty: The use of high-quality components and careful installation allowed Revitalite to provide a 5-year warranty on all the light fittings, instilling confidence in the building owners about the durability and reliability of the system.

Energy and CO2 Savings Calculations

To quantify the impact of the retrofitting project, Revitalite conducted energy and CO2 savings calculations. The detailed calculations considered factors like the wattage of the old fittings, their daily usage, and the improved energy efficiency of the new LED fittings. The results revealed impressive reductions in both energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Project Information
Running Hours per Day: 10
Number of days per week 5
Unit price of electricity (£) 48
Total running hours per year 2400


Existing Lighting New Retrofit Lighting
Total wattage of luminaires 19584.00 Total wattage of luminaires 8749.00
Number of Luminaires 304 Number of Luminaires 304
Total installed power (W) 19584.00 Total installed power (W) 8749.00
Total yearly energy consumption (kWHr) 47001.60 Total yearly energy consumption (kWHr) 20997.60
Total yearly cost (£)  £14,100.48 Total yearly cost (£) £6,299.28
Total yearly CO2e (Kg) 9089.17 Total yearly CO2e (Kg) 4060.52


New Lighting Will Save
Total yearly energy saving (kWHr) 26004.00
Total yearly cost saving (£) £7,801.20
Total yearly CO2e saving (Kg) 5028.65


Note: CO2e conversion factors taken from government document “Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2022” which can be found here


Client Satisfaction

The successful completion of the project left the clients, Current Affairs, the main contractors, Dentons and building owners, Savills, extremely pleased. The building’s updated lighting system not only enhanced the ambience and appearance but also resulted in significant long-term energy and cost savings. The new lighting system aligned with the building’s environmentally conscious approach, earning positive feedback from the occupants and visitors.



The case study demonstrates how Revitalite skilfully tackled the challenges posed by a tapered building to deliver energy-efficient and visually appealing light fittings. By conducting a detailed site visit and utilising custom-made fittings, they achieved remarkable results. The project’s success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the retrofit solution, with the energy and CO2 savings speaking volumes about the positive impact on the environment and the building owners’ satisfaction.

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