Are you passionate about sustainable construction practices and eager to make a positive impact on the environment? Look no further! We are thrilled to invite you to an engaging webinar, “There is No Such Thing as Waste – Making Circularity Happen,” hosted by Reusefully. This thought-provoking event, scheduled as part of London Climate Action Week, brings together leading industry experts who will share their practical experiences and insights on circularity in action. Join us to explore the challenges, opportunities, and how circular construction can help reduce our carbon footprint and achieve net-zero goals.

There is No Such Thing as Waste – Katherine Adams, Director, Reusefully:

Discover the world of circularity in the built environment with Katherine Adams, Director of Reusefully. Gain an overview of what circularity means for the construction industry, learn about the progress made so far, and identify areas where more attention is needed. Reusefully, a trusted provider of circular economy services, will also share invaluable advice.

Making Old Lights New – Lauren Allan, Strategic Development Manager, Revitalite:

Revitalite specialises in remanufacturing and repurposing old light fittings from various projects. By using original materials wherever possible, they significantly reduce waste, save costs, protect the environment, and contribute to decarbonising your space. Join our very own Lauren Allan, Strategic Development Manager at Revitalite, to explore theis innovative approach.

Circular Design in Action – Darcy Arnold-Jones, Marks Barfield Architects:

Be inspired by Darcy Arnold-Jones from Marks Barfield Architects, renowned for their award-winning building designs. Gain insights into their circular building design projects and envision a more circular building environment for the future. Marks Barfield Architects are dedicated to regenerative buildings and sustainable practices.

Developing a Strategy for Circular Buildings – Sandra Sezgin, Sustainability Manager, British Land:

British Land, one of the industry’s leading construction clients, has been actively developing a comprehensive strategy for circular buildings. Join Sandra Sezgin, Sustainability Manager at British Land, as she shares examples of their achievements to date. Discover their emerging approach to resource mapping, materials passports, and the current challenges and opportunities faced by British Land and their supply chain.

Sum and Substance – Using LCA to Evaluate and Support Circular Design – Daniel Doran, Lifecycle Sustainability:

Lifecycle Sustainability, an organization working closely with project teams and businesses, focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of construction and buildings. Daniel Doran will provide an overview of how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) supports circular design solutions. Learn how evaluating environmental benefits and carbon reduction can drive effective circular design decision-making.

Panel Discussion and Q&A:

Engage in a stimulating panel discussion where speakers will address your questions and dive deeper into the topics covered. Join the conversation and explore practical challenges, innovative opportunities, and strategies for advancing circularity in construction.

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