What is TM66: Lighting the Path to Sustainable Design with Revitalite

In a world where sustainability is the call of the hour, innovative solutions are emerging to redefine how we approach various industries. One such ground breaking initiative is the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Society of Light and Lighting’s (SLL) Technical Memorandum 66 (TM66), titled “Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry.” But what exactly is TM66, and why is it a game-changer? In this blog post, we dive into the world of TM66 to understand its significance and its impact on sustainable design, with a focus on how Revitalite is at the forefront of this transformative movement.

TM66: The Vision for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At its core, TM66 is a pivotal document developed to address a critical need in the lighting and building services engineering industry – a need for sustainability. It’s the result of collaboration and dedication, led by SLL’s immediate past president, Bob Bohannon, and meticulously managed by Kristina Allison. This memorandum represents the culmination of efforts from across the industry to provide comprehensive guidance and tools to facilitate a circular, sustainable approach within the lighting sector and beyond.

Unpacking the Circular Economy

Before delving into the specifics of TM66, it’s essential to understand what a circular economy is. Unlike the traditional linear economy, which follows a ‘take, make, dispose’ model, a circular economy focuses on minimizing waste and making the most of available resources. It aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value, while also reducing environmental impact.

TM66’s Role in the Circular Economy

TM66 begins by demystifying the concept of a circular economy. It goes on to provide a sector-by-sector breakdown of how circular principles can be adopted. It includes an assessment of current legislation, up-to-date case studies, and a set of frequently asked questions. A standout feature is the Circular Economy Assessment Methods (CEAM), which simplifies complex ideas into an easy-to-understand star rating system. This empowers manufacturers and specifiers with targeted, independent metrics to compare products and strive for improvements in sustainability.

Revitalite: Leading the Way

Revitalite, a pioneer in sustainable lighting solutions, is at the forefront of implementing TM66’s principles. By embracing circular economy practices, Revitalite aims to not only deliver high-quality lighting but also to reduce its environmental footprint. Their commitment to sustainable design, alongside the guidance provided by TM66, underscores the importance of circularity in the lighting industry.

A Wider Impact

While TM66 initially concentrates on the lighting sector, CIBSE intends for this groundbreaking document to serve as a model for advancing circular potential across various industries. It forms part of a trilogy of guidance documents, with TM65 focusing on “Embodied Carbon in Building Services” and TM67 exploring “Electrification of Buildings for Net-Zero.” Together, these resources contribute to increasing knowledge and fostering more sustainable practices throughout the construction and engineering sectors.

Recognition and Awards

TM66’s significance has already earned recognition and accolades. The document received the Platinum award at the prestigious Build Back Better Awards, judged by an independent panel of industry thought leaders. The concept was also awarded Green Certification, underscoring its commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Revitalite and TM66: A Brighter, Greener Future

TM66 is not just a memorandum; it’s a guiding light towards a more sustainable, eco-conscious future. As Revitalite and other industry leaders embrace the principles outlined in TM66, the lighting industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation. With TM66 as a beacon, we’re working together to build a better, more sustainable world, one light at a time.

To discover more about TM66 and how Revitalite is leading the charge towards sustainable lighting solutions, visit our website. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, greener future, where sustainable design is the guiding principle in the world of lighting.

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